Haunted Attractions

Flamingo Hotel

Two young girls escape from the abuse and darkness of a local orphanage. They take shelter in a local hotel, hiding from the staff and wreaking havoc on guests and employees alike. Eventually their sick and idle little minds lead them to murder a guest and stuff her body into the wall. The girls are excited by the danger and rush. Emerging from their secret doors and hiding places in the walls , they continue their bloodthirsty rampage on all who dare to check in to the Flamingo Hotel.


New WOrld Order

The near future. Individual thought is dead. Freedom, gone. A clan of ruthless human clones scours the streets to find the few remaining citizens that have not been entered into the system. Everyone is subject to a full reprogramming through brainwash and torture to suit the needs of the New World Order and the Mighty General. There is only one directive for you to follow…OBEY. You are soon to be part of the new race of mindless drones.

New World Order


Gaze upon the ancient times. Cast the bones. Summon Demons that time forgot. Place burnt offerings on the alter of the Deviants. The realm of the dead season beckons you!